Ignite Webs

Terms and Conditions

Definitions :


  1. ‘Project’: Refers to any work or service provided by Ignite webs to the client, as described in the proposal/confirmation order email.
  2. ‘You’ or ‘Client’: Represents the individual, group, business, or organization using Ignite webs services.
  3. ‘We’ or ‘Us’: Refers to ignite webs.
  4. ‘Live’: Denotes the date when the website becomes accessible on the client’s chosen domain.
  5. ‘Domain’: Represents the website address specified by the client.
  6. ‘Open-Source Software’: Signifies software available under the GNU General Public License (GPL) for free use by anyone.
  7. ‘Hosting’: Refers to the annual cost associated with keeping the client’s website active online.
  8. ‘Content’: Includes both text and images required by the client for the website.

1.1 The contract between ignite webs and the client is subject to these terms and conditions, which prevail over any other terms. Any variations to these conditions are only valid if agreed upon in writing.

1.2 ignite webs reserves the right to remove any client from its services or web hosts without prior notice for breaching the terms, such as posting inappropriate material or linking to such content.

1.3 By notifying ignite webs of the intention to commence/continue services or by making payments, the client is deemed to have accepted and agreed to these terms and conditions.

1.4 The services and work to be performed are outlined in the proposal/invoice provided by ignite webs. Any additional services not included in the proposal/invoice are not part of the contract. The client must review the proposal/invoice and communicate any discrepancies or queries via email before accepting the contract.

1.5 Additional work requested by the client, not specified in the proposal/invoice, will be subject to an additional proposal/invoice. The client acknowledges that such additional work may impact the project’s delivery timeline.

1.6 The proposal/confirmation order email is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. ignite webs reserves the right to modify or decline the proposed project after 30 days.

1.7 The client agrees to provide ignite webs with necessary information and content in a timely manner. ignite webs will not be held liable for missed deadlines or launch dates resulting from delayed information or approval from the client.

1.8 The client accepts the responsibility of using and adhering to the terms of any third-party software or media included in the work provided by ignite webs.

1.9 ignite webs has the right to include the work done for the client in its portfolio and showcase the project on other websites or media. If the client doesn’t authorise this, written notification must be provided before the website goes live.


2.1 The client agrees to ensure that the website/idea/business complies with legal requirements and is not involved in any illegal activities. The client acknowledges that any images or content provided or used on the website must be legally available or used with proper permission. ignite webs cannot be held responsible for any illegal use of materials supplied by the client and reserves the right to remove any website deemed illegal, inappropriate, or infringing on rights.

2.2 Images purchased by ignite webs on behalf of the client are subject to license restrictions for use on the website only. ignite webs is not liable for any misuse or unauthorised distribution of these images by the client or any other party.

2.3 ignite webs cannot be held responsible for any negative impact on the client’s business, sales, or profitability claimed to be