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    Growing your business using social media

    With roughly 42% of the population regularly using social media, ignoring social media as part of your digital marketing mix seems crazy.

    Social media marketing references the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat (and more), to reach your business goals. Whether your goal is to grow awareness of your brand within a niche sector or to drive large quantities of sales in a mainstream industry, there is more than likely a place in the social media sphere for you.

    Love it or hate it, social media is one of the fastest growing cultural pillars (if not the largest) and it’s often the first place people go when creating and sharing content, sourcing news and so much more. Thanks to its influx into society, it’s now flourishing with brands all shouting to grab your attention and become the best.

    Over the years, we’ve established a solid understanding of why social media marketing is so important.

    It should play a prominent role in your marketing strategy for the following

    4 reasons:

    1. It offers a simply colossal reach (Facebook now has over 1 billion active users and is just one of the networks we work with).
    2. It presents brilliant targeting options thanks to the wealth of data stored about users.
    3. It can position you as a thought leader, leveraging social proof to help incite decision-making among your target audience.
    4. It offers a fabulous return on investment (ROI).

    Who can benefit from social media?

    Depending on the industry within which you operate, it’s all too easy to assume that social media isn’t for you.

    Social media marketing is often viewed as a distraction and deemed too consumer-centric for B2B applications. This couldn’t be further from the truth. .

    Social media is for you if:

    *you want to increase brand awareness;
    *you want to engage directly with customers;
    *you want to promote new products;
    *you want to build an audience that sees you as an expert within your field;
    *you want to tempt your audience to make buying decisions.
    And what business doesn’t aspire to each and every one of the above?

    Social Media Marketing

    The social media platforms
    we work with

    There isn’t a social media service we haven’t mastered. Here are the platforms we use most regularly to increase brand exposure for our clients:

    Facebook. With over 1 billion active users worldwide and a treasure-trove of user data, Facebook remains the largest and most powerful social network on the planet.

    Instagram. People love imagery. They engage more with pictures and videos than they do text, which is why Instagram is fast becoming a vital tool for business marketing.

    SnapChat. No longer purely an instant messaging service used by the younger generations, SnapChat presents compelling promotional opportunities for businesses of all kinds.

    LinkedIn. Business doesn’t have to be boring! LinkedIn is fast becoming the advertising platform of choice for a number of businesses who want to find better ways to connect with the audience that matter to them. Whether you’re looking to drive website traffic or generate leads, we’ll make sure your message is put in front of the right people.

    Social Media

    Why choose ignite webs as your
    social media marketing agency?

    We have many years of experience handling projects within loads of different industries.

    We pride ourselves in the work that we do – our work is a reflection of us, and we want to be great.

    We see ourselves as an extension of your team, not just another social media agency. We’re open and transparent with you at all times.
    We love social! Our social media managers have been chosen to be part of our team because they all have one thing in common – they’re passionate about the job they do!