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1. AJ Travels

Sector Travel and Tourism

Aj Travels is a minibus and coach service within the West Midlands catering for both long and short distances in standard or executive vehicles.After having a agreat customer base the client wuished to branch out and engange with more customers through a new and modern website.
By working with client and having the specifications required by Aj Travels Ignite webs set to work creating the clients dream website.All content,imagery and functionality was discussed during an initial consultation so the premise of the site was clear to all involved.Aj Travel required a site that not only informed and showcase their services but also provided a way of their clients to book and enquire online.

As backend development was taking place ensuring that all functionality was efficient and working at optimum performance ,the front end design began to take shape.The brioed was clear in terms of design to showcase AJTravels vechiles and services to their best abilities.By beginning with optimising all imagery and creating a gallery with icons to highlight specific vehicles depending on the clients needs Ignitewebs started to create a visually impacting website.With weekly zoom calls and emails with the client the front end of the website was quickly passed off by the client.
Once our developers were happy with the look and purpose of the website the client gave Ignite webs the go ahead to make the website live.After a few hours AJtravel had a their desired website live and were able to start to take bookings from clients previously unaware of the fantastic services tahta AJTravels offered.
As AJTravels also took advantage of our maintenance package their website is a no hassle asset that we manage and maintain on their behalf.Thay have the ability to have the website updated and amended quickly and stress free, as all work is undertaken by Ignite webs.With our clients trust and confidence as their website management specialist provides our clients with time better focused on the running of their business and daily management .

2. Discount Shoe Sales

Sector-Online ecommerce retailer 

Discount Shoes is a family run footwear store in Waterloo London,after running a successful brick and mortar store the client decide to branch out and create a online presence.Providing exceptional services from bespoke shoes to well known brands the main purpose of their website would eccomerce with safe and secure checkout process.

Working with the clients brief of a sleek contempory feeling with brand continuity Ignitewebs began to build the website. Starting by optimising all imagery to provide the best possible graphics and visual.The layout was produced using a modern tile system that also showcased the products and services provided by Discount Shoes.Using our weekly and bi weekly meetings with clients we were quickly able to deliver the required website.
All backend work including checkout and Integration of payment gateways was effectively applied and tested by our experienced back end developers.Once both client and deveolpers were happy with the look and functionality of the site it was made live and A new customer base were able to access the website increasing Discount Shoe sales profits.

3. Optomacademy

Optomacademy approached IgniteWebs to use our  Web development and Maintenance services .Optomacdemy are a company that provide Pre-registration optometrist courses and education .The client required a fast and efficient website which was not only desktop friendly but fully optimised for all mobile devices. As Optomacdemy is an educational institue the client required a portal system so each student has private access to the resources available to them .A payment gateway was also needed to make sure that all transactions were fully safe and secure.

As Optomacademy requirements were quite complex and individual to their needs,clear and consistent communication was required.From our initial discussion with the clients we were informed of exactly what the vision was for their website.With our knowledge of Web development and back end programming and coding we began to plot a development schedule.Working with our team of Web developers and Graphics we started with the primary layout and structure.Whilst the necessary coding was taking place we began work on the front end of the website.

Using the colour theme and logo we started to incorporate a flow of branding through the layout and building from there we start to add the clients content and images.As we believe in effective communication the initial layout and functionality were appraised on  a weekly zoom call with all members of the project online.Listening to every aspect the client feels they need in the website from functionality down to the size of the fonts.As a website is a very visual concept the aesthetic will be unique and specific to that client.Hearing what the client wants visually and placing that within the site we soon began to move through the project.

Before each of our websites go live we filter through every page, content and functionality. We check all optimisation for both desktop and mobile. All Login and payment gateways are checked and ensured that they are working effectively. Once both the developers and Clients were happy the site was made live and Optomacdemy were able to bring their students the resources and education in a fast and efficient way.

As Optomacdemy were so pleased with the services provide by Ignitewebs with their Website Development they decide to continue working with us by purchasing our maintenance package.With our maintenance package we provide all changes and updates the client may need from updating images to introducing a Blog post.Backups are taken of the site and revisions are made in fast and efficient manner.Full support is part of our package allowing us to have our clients full trust and confidence.

4. Tandaks Catering Services

Sector -Food and hospitality 

Tandaks approached  IgniteWebs to help with the design and maintenance of their website.With creating a new website Tandaks wanted to grow the their business and promote their brand.
Tandak’s Punjabi Street Food catering is a creative catering and food styling company that offers a wide range of services from breakfasts and corporate catering to weddings and small parties at home.The functionality of the website was mainly an ecommerce with the safe and secure checkout for all customers.
As the menu and events that Tandaks were offering frequently changed the upkeep and maintenance of the website was to also be included in the package.

By creating the initial design of the website and working with the client to achieve their desired look Ignite webs were able to produce a fully functional website with both great customer feedback and a sleek but effective design.Taking mobile and desktop performance into account the site was optimised to ultimate effeicency.Once both client and developers were happy with the look and performance of the website it was moved to our live server ready for clients to make their orders.

Tandaks are part of our maintenance package allowing Tandaks to adapt and update their website with the minimum of fuss and disruption.As all work is undertaken by Ignite webs the client can be hands off and stress free allowing them to concentrate on their daily side of the business.

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