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1. AJ Travels

Industry: Travel and Tourism.

AJ Travels, a minibus and coach service operating in the West Midlands, had established a solid customer base but sought to expand its reach through a modernised online presence.

Ignite Webs collaborated closely with AJ Travels to bring their vision to life, crafting a dynamic website tailored to their specific needs.

Through comprehensive consultations, AJ Travels outlined their requirements, emphasizing the importance of an informative platform that also facilitated online bookings and inquiries. With a clear roadmap in place, Ignite Webs commenced backend development, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

The frontend design evolved, prioritising visual impact and user experience. By optimising imagery and creating a gallery showcasing AJ Travels’ vehicles, the website emerged as a compelling showcase of their services. Regular communication with the client via Zoom calls and emails ensured alignment throughout the design process.

Upon finalising the website’s aesthetics and functionality, AJ Travels greenlit the launch. Within hours, their new website was live, enabling them to attract bookings from previously untapped markets. Leveraging Ignite Webs’ maintenance package, AJ Travels now benefits from hassle-free website management, allowing them to focus on core business activities.
By entrusting Ignite Webs with their online presence, AJ Travels enjoys peace of mind, knowing their website is in capable hands.

This partnership empowers them to concentrate on business growth and daily operations, confident in the reliability and responsiveness of their digital platform.

2. Discount Shoe Sales

Industry: Online E-Commerce Retailer.

Discount Shoes, a family-operated footwear store in Waterloo, London, had established a thriving brick-and-mortar presence. Deciding to expand their reach, they ventured into the online realm. Their aim was to offer a wide range of footwear, from bespoke options to popular brands, all while ensuring a seamless and secure e-commerce experience.

Ignite webs took on the challenge of translating Discount Shoes’ ethos into a sleek and contemporary online platform. We optimised all visuals to enhance graphics quality, ensuring a visually appealing website. Employing a modern tile system, the layout effectively showcased Discount Shoes’ diverse range of products and services.

Regular consultations with the client facilitated swift progress, enabling us (Ignite webs) to meet the project’s requirements efficiently.

The backend development, including the integration of secure checkout processes and payment gateways, was handled by Ignite webs’ experienced team. Upon finalising the design and functionality, the website went live, opening up a new avenue for Discount Shoe Sales to tap into a broader customer base.

This successful transition to the online sphere resulted in increased profits for Discount Shoe Sales E-Commerce Store.

3. Optom Academy

Industry: Online Optometrist Courses.

Optom Academy, a provider of pre-registration optometrist courses and education, approached Ignite Webs seeking web development and maintenance services. Their requirements were multifaceted: they needed a fast and efficient website that was not only desktop-friendly but also fully optimised for mobile devices. Given their role as an educational institute, they also required a portal system to grant students private access to resources, alongside a secure payment gateway for transactions.

Given the complexity and specificity of Optom Academy’s needs, clear and consistent communication was paramount. From the outset, we engaged in thorough discussions with the client to understand their vision for the website.

After talking to the client, we began by establishing the primary layout and structure of the website. We worked on the front end, incorporating Optom Academy’s branding elements such as colour themes and logos throughout the layout. Regular zoom calls ensured ongoing feedback and alignment with the client’s expectations, covering everything from functionality to visual aesthetics.

Prior to the website’s launch, rigorous testing was conducted to ensure optimal performance on both desktop and mobile platforms. All aspects, including login and payment gateways, underwent thorough scrutiny to guarantee smooth operation. Once we and the client were satisfied, the website went live, enabling Optom Academy to provide their students with resources and education efficiently.

Impressed with Ignite Webs’ services, Optom Academy opted to continue working with Ignite Webs. This package includes ongoing updates, image revisions, and the introduction of new content such as blog posts. With backups taken regularly and swift support provided, Ignite Webs ensures that Optom Academy’s website remains up-to-date and functional.



4. Tandaks Catering Services

Industry: Food And Hospitality Sector. 

Tandaks Catering Services, operating in the food and hospitality sector, sought assistance from Ignite Webs for the creation and maintenance of their website. Looking to expand their business and enhance brand visibility, Tandaks aimed to revamp their online presence.

Specialising in Punjabi Street Food catering, Tandaks offers a diverse range of services, catering to events ranging from breakfast meetings and corporate gatherings to weddings and intimate home parties. Their website required robust ecommerce functionality, ensuring a secure and seamless checkout process for their customers. Given the dynamic nature of their menu and events, ongoing website maintenance was also essential.

Ignite Webs collaborated closely with Tandaks to conceptualise and execute the website design, ensuring it aligned with the client’s vision. The result was a fully functional website that garnered positive feedback from users, boasting a sophisticated and user-friendly interface. Prioritising both mobile and desktop performance, the website was optimised for efficiency.

Once the design and performance met client’s satisfaction, the website was transitioned to a live server, enabling customers to place orders with ease.

Tandaks opted for Ignite Webs’ maintenance package, affording them the flexibility to adapt and update their website seamlessly. With Ignite Webs managing all aspects of maintenance, Tandaks can focus on their core business operations without the added stress of website management.